Experience the Canadian story through an outstanding collection of more than 3,000 stamps — every stamp that Canada has ever issued! Housed in a new gallery, The Canadian Stamp Collection (formerly Reflections of Canada – The National Stamp Collection) includes behind-the-scenes stories and unique artifacts from the Museum’s collections.

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Sir Sandford Fleming designed the very first Canadian postage stamp. Breaking with tradition, he suggested that it feature an animal, rather than a monarch. He chose the beaver: an animal that played a pivotal role in the days of the fur trade.

Created by artist Yvonne Williams in 1942, this stained-glass window was reproduced in a series of Christmas stamps issued in 1976, showcasing Canadian windows depicting the Nativity.

The maple leaf on this stamp was created by Raymond Bellemare, a digital graphic designer. Claire Brisson, an artisan from Montréal, drew inspiration from Bellemare’s design to make a quilt, which was then photographed by Yves Binette.



Canada wordmark Created: March 17, 2014