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Here, in all his glory, is the pharaoh who brought Ancient Egypt to the height of its power: Ramses II. Seated between Amun, the Sun god, and his wife, the goddess Mut, he is taking the place of their son Khonsu and joins the “divine triad” (Amun-Mut-Khonsu) that watches over Thebes the magnificent. Note the double crown of Horus reserved for the pharaoh, just as the queen wears Hathor’s headdress.

In Ancient Egypt, statues were imbued with the power of life and action, allowing people to pray to the pharaoh to intercede with the gods as necessary. Ramses II’s reign lasted an astonishing 67 years!

Temple of Amun, Karnak
New Kingdom, 19th dynasty, reign of Ramses II
(1279–1213 B.C.)

© Museo Egizio (Turin, Italy)

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