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Passe-Carreau’s and Passe-Montagne’s Costumes (new version)

Passe-Montagne is the most outgoing character and the most stylish. He wears a burgundy and pale blue jacket, along with a butterfly-shaped bow tie — a cheeky reference to the French words for bow tie (noeud papillon) and butterfly (papillon). Passe-Carreau, the most lively character, wears bright colours with square patterns. Passe-Carreau’s and Passe-Montagne’s new costumes are updated versions of Manon Brodeur’s original designs.

Passe-Partout (new version 2019)
Passe-Carreau’s Costume
Design and construction: Sylvie Lacaille
Actor: Gabrielle Fontaine
Passe-Montagne’s Costume
Design and construction: Sylvie Lacaille
Actor: Jean-François C. Pronovost

Passe-Partout (Élodie Grenier), Passe-Montagne (Jean-François C. Pronovost) et Passe-Carreau (Gabrielle Fontaine), 2019.

Artifact: Société de télédiffusion du Québec et Attraction Images

©Télé-Québec, Karine Dufour

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