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Fred Penner’s Costume and Word Bird

Emerging from a hollow tree, actor-musician Fred Penner welcomes viewers to a cozy forest setting. Guitar in hand, the gentle and reassuring host sings lively songs about helping others and being the best you can be. Here, he carries his close friend Word Bird in his backpack. The yellow parrot-like creature teaches children letters, numbers and a new word of the day.

Fred Penner’s Place (1985–1997)
Costume design and construction: Marion Perrett
Actor and musician: Fred Penner
Word Bird: Design by Pat Patterson; constructed by CBC Design, Winnipeg; and operated and voiced by a CBC team member,Winnipeg (with computer-generated bird calls).

Broadcaster: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (in English). Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Winnipeg)

Artifact: Fred Penner

© Canadian Museum of History, 2022, with permission of Fred Penner

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