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Muffy Mouse and Sam Crenshaw

A Toronto department store was home to an imaginary character: Muffy, a mischievous and poetic mouse who spoke in rhymes, played the piano, and wore an elegant feather boa. When she said the magic words “Hocus pocus alimagocus,” a store mannequin named Jeff came to life. The show also featured Sam Crenshaw, a slow-moving, grouchy old store security guard; and Mrs. Pennypacker, an enthusiastic employee who managed the store’s merchandise.

Today’s Special (1981–1987)
Design and construction: Noreen Young
Muffy Mouse: Mouth-and-Rod Puppet
Operated and voiced by Nina Keogh
Sam Crenshaw: Mouth-and-Hand puppet
Operated and voiced by Bob Dermer

Broadcasters: TVO and other Canadian channels (in English). Production company: TVO (Toronto)

© TVO, Sam (Bob Dermer) and Muffy (Nina Keogh), 1980s

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