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M. Craquepoutte’s Costume

This is M. Craquepoutte’s [Mr. Crackpot’s] postmaster costume. It reflects his personality, appearing both severe and authoritarian, as well as dishevelled and a bit silly. He was also the stationmaster and the village bell-ringer, and sometimes took on the role of a slightly batty police officer who made up his own rules. He was often heard saying, “Watch out! Move along, move along!” After Toc Toc Toc ended, M. Craquepoutte’s character continued on other shows.

Toc Toc Toc (2007–)
Design and construction: Hélène Schneider
Actor: Denis Houle

© Jean-François Bérubé, Téléfiction, M. Craquepoutte, 2007–2014

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