Credits & Publicity


The Borrower must give full credit to the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) as the producer of the exhibition, in all publicity, promotional products, related activities and programming as follows:

A travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Une exposition itinérante réalisée par le Musée canadien des civilisations en collaboration avec le Musée canadien de la nature.

The CMC, the CMN and the Canada Federal logos must be included on all publicity and promotional materials produced by the Borrower. (CMC to supply all logos which are not be altered or modified in any way by the Borrower.)



a) The Borrower must give full credit to the CMC, the CMN and the federal government of Canada as stipulated above, in all acknowledgements, press releases, media events, invitations, posters, publications, banners, title and credit panels, backgrounder, calendar of events, weekly on-site information sheets, on-site information outlets, tourism information sites, signage and other material relating to the exhibition. The Borrower agrees to send publicity materials to CMC for approval c/o Valerie Grassi, Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator. The CMC agrees to respond within no more than 2 working days.

b) The Borrower must make use of the bilingual press kit provided by the CMC, also available in electronic format on the CMC media site:

c) The Borrower agrees to send to the CMC a complete summary report within 30 days of the closing of the exhibition. The report will include an evaluation questionnaire, attendance figures, copies of press clippings, sample poster and invitation cards, exhibition reviews, exhibition photos, and other pertinent information collected as a result of the display of the exhibition at the Borrower's premises. The evaluation questionnaire will be provided by CMC and should be returned to CMC c/o Valerie Grassi, Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator.


a) The Borrower agrees to confirm with the CMC at least 6 weeks prior, whether an opening event will take place at the hosting institution.

b) The Borrower agrees to collaborate with CMC on the opening event. The Borrower agrees to invite the members of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the CMC and CMN as well as invitees identified by CMC. All related travel costs will be covered by CMC or CMN respectively.


The Borrower may seek contra and/or cash support for the exhibition from media partners and local sponsors provided their contribution is recognised as secondary to that of the exhibition producers. The CMC reserve the right to pre-approve the participation and the positioning (e.g. crediting) of any other sponsors associated with the exhibition and related programming.

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